HIPAA Compliance as a Solution
$9.95 a month for entities with 25 or more users

AT CAM Business Solutions, we offer a wide range of compliance and mitigation solutions to reduce your exposure in the event of information leaks. We provide a comprehensive but practical experience to manage security leaks.

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Policies and Procedures

We will work with your HR and Risk departments to create a full set of Compliant Policies and Procedures.

PCI GDPR HIPAACompliance Checklist

Compliance Mitigation

At CAM we have experience with working with Insurance carriers like Statewide and State Farm to work out failed assessments. The types of businesses we come across that fall under Compliance regulations never ceases to amaze us. And every scenario is different and unique. We understand this and treat each client like the unique challenge they are.

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Cyber Security

Many of the restrictions and requirements surrounding compliance efforts are about access control, reporting, and accountability. At CAM we have worked with many scenarios that required unique solutions to resolve. As a result we have seen almost everything out there and have to keep testing everything to remain current..

PCI GDPR HIPAA ISO 27001 and It Consulting


We offer consulting for all of your Compliance requirements.

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